About Us

We are pleased to inform you that South Star Ltd is one of a leading crewing Company in Odessa since 1993.
Our office is in center of our city.

South Star Ltd is supplying Ukrainian, 
Indians, Sri Lankans, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Burmese English-speaking seafarers to foreign Shipping Companies for vessels under flag of convenience practically for all type (Dry Cargo, Bulk Carrier, Container Ship, Chemical and Oil Tankers, Reefer vessels, Container Reefer Ship, Offshore fleet, Cruise Liners and Super Yachts).

To meet the requirements of the Principals, South Star Ltd supplies qualified and competent sea-staff and puts great attention on screening and selection of seafarers. We have in our own agency pool in files more than 8000 Officers / Engineers/Ratings/Hotel & Catering Staff.

Our Officers and Engineers got their education in State Maritime Academies and Colleges in Odessa, Kherson, Kiev, Sevastopol, Novorossiysk, St.Petersburg and have all certificates of International Standards according to S.T.C.W-78/95, which are well-known and recognizable in over the World (IMO "White List"). In case, it is necessary to obtain vessel's flag Endorsements and Seaman's Books,  we fill up relevant application forms and prepare full set of documents.

Our maritime travel agent in Odessa can book ticket for seamen (for on-signers and off-signers)

and our agents in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev are obtaining for our seafarers transit entry visas (including Schengen and US visas) in due time.

For Your Information:

1). We have been licensed by Ukrainian Government for crewing
License AE No: 272362 Valid: unlimited).
2). South Star was certified according to standards of 
ISO and MLC2006 by Bureau Veritas.
3). To facilitate our routine paper work we are using special computer's software "1C:Crewing".

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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