Our Employers

Our Employers are high standard ship management companies, which employ English-speaking Ukrainian Deck Officers, Engineers and Ratings, who are ready to serve on different types of vessels (dwt 9,000-80,000 mt and more) under the following terms and conditions:

- duration of contract:
Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer & 2nd Engineer - 5 months, others Officers/Engineers - 6 months and Ratings - 9 months.

- vessels type : Dry Cargo, Multi-purpose, Bulk Carrier, Container & Reefer ships
- very attractive wages : over than ITF Wages for 3rd Officer, 2nd Officer, 4th Engineer, 3rd Engineer 
much more over 
than ITF Wages for Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer & 2nd Engineer

- constant employment from contract to contract
- promotion for proper crew members
- receiving every month payment via Ukrainian Banks
- service according to all ISM and QSM regulations
- good European food

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